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SCG-2017 Intersecting Methods Panelist - Come say hello!

Attending SGC 2017?  Come say hello at this panel which explores using the scientific method in printmaking.

CONTACT: Matthew McLaughlin,
PANEL TITLE: Intersecting Methods
The panel, Intersecting Methods, will explore the intersection of science and printmaking from multiple angles. The scientific method; hypothesis, experiment, examine the results, move forward or alter a variable, is similar to the method printmakers use to create explore a new idea; imagine a work, experiment with techniques, criticize the result and either move forward with the edition or try something new. This relationship has been building in the past 20 years with the rise of digital technology has been brought into the studio and integrated with professional practice.
Intersecting Methods aims to explore this relationship between scientific research and printmaking through examples of collaboration, research, process improvement, technology integration and more. Can printmaking be expanded by collaboration with the sciences? Has it already happened? Can printmaking improve or alter scientific research through artistic exploration? These questions and more will be investigated.

Register for 4/23 Art in the Lab

Celebrate Earth Day and the springing of Spring with a Saturday afternoon of Art in the Lab at the Dobbs Ferry campus of Mercy College, overlooking the Hudson River. 
Registration is capped so each participant can have their own microscope.  RSVP so we can save you a space.  

Art in the Lab Featured on DanaBlog

Very pleased that Brain Awareness Week Masterminds, The Dana Foundation had fun at our Neuro-Themed Art in the Lab, featuring Neuroscientist-turned-artist, Greg Dunn

Invited Panelist - CUNY Faculty Development Retreat

Pretty excited to talk about using art based exercises to teach complex biological concepts like resting membrane potential and action potential for the panel, "Novel Pedagogical Strategies."  See you there! 

CUNY Faculty Development Retreat

See you soon, Philly - Invited Talk at UPenn

Curious about integrating research and teaching?  Come say hello. 
Friday January 8, 2016 BRB 251 11AM